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Introducing: Multi-Strike Trio ™ Super Aces Bonus Poker, an exciting & super fun new way to play free poker!

Multi-Strike Trio ™ Super Aces Bonus Poker puts a fun twist on the Multi-Strike Poker™ classic players have come to love & enjoy. Multi-Strike Trio ™ keeps the same game set-up as normal Multi-Strike Poker™, but instead of playing one hand a row per round, you play three hands per row a round for more chances to win BIG! In Multi-Strike Trio ™ players could win a total of 12 hands per round with a HUGE multiplier bonus! Each level you climb awards you 1X, 2X, 4X or 8X your winnings per row!

multi-strike trio

How do you play Multi-Strike Trio ™ Super Aces Bonus Poker?

Multi-Strike Trio ™ uses the same game mechanics as classic Multi-Strike Poker™, just with more hands per round. Your goal is to hit a hand higher than Jacks or Better to ascend up the ladder-style game board. Be sure to check out the pay tables to see how your bet increases the payouts. Bet higher to increase your chance at winning MASSIVE payouts & finally hitting a Royal Flush! Go through hundreds of hands in a matter of seconds & win more jackpots in a fraction of the time!

Free Credits & Specials for NEW Players!

New players can take advantage of a HUGE New Player Special for a large starting pool of credits to go with HUGE daily & bi-hourly credit giveaways! Multi-Strike Poker™ ensures you never run out of credits so that you continue to enjoy hours of entertainment!

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